Friday, August 13, 2010

A day in the life...

So I've officially made it through my first week of working at Grand Valley.  I thought it'd be fun if I did kind of a "day in the life" photo post.

My 10 minute walk to work through Heritage Hill.

This is where I work. My library and office are on the second floor with another section of library and the librarian for the rest of the health professions on the fourth floor.

The Frey Foundation Learning Center (a.k.a. my library)

My name is on the door!

and on my cube/divider wall that leads to my office! 
Here's my office.  Some of the shelving will get changed around soon, I hope.  I can't move it by myself - facilities has to do it.  And put my diplomas on the wall.

We have compact shelving for our print monographs.  Not as compact ast the ASRS that's in the other downtown library, but much prettier. (We only keep the most recent 10 years of print materials on site.  The rest are in the ASRS or in storage). Journals and A/V materials are on the fourth floor in standard shelving.

This is the fourth floor.  There are giant pills coming out of the wall.  Judy (the other librarian in the building) and I tried to identify them.

A view of my library from the third floor.

I really like my job, so far!  Should be great once school starts and there are more students around.

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  1. I love seeing your digs and day. Thanks for sharing!