Friday, June 4, 2010

I thought life would slow down...

... once school was over.

I was very wrong.

Steve and I have been extremely busy with work and weddings and moving.  We moved to a sublet for a few months, still in Ann Arbor.  It's not the most glamorous place, but it'll do.

Work has been fun, lately.  A lot of projects have involved graphic design, which makes for a more interesting day.  I helped create posters for the national Medical Library Association conference that was in DC this past weekend.  I also have been working on a game for a kids' fair for Kate.  I'm designing fish, which is so fun.  I started out with sketches and then moved to Illustrator.  It's incredible how much easier it is to create something in Illustrator once I've drawn it on paper!

The game is super cute.  No pictures yet (I'll have to get some from Kate) but there are a few fish I've posted on Flickr.

I've also been prepping for several on-site interviews.  I'm excited and a bit anxious about it all.  I'm not going to say too much until there's an official job offer on the table.

Steve and I also had a great time this past weekend at Ben & Jeannette's wedding.  We are so happy for them and could see the joy on their faces.  They even had contra dancing, which was an absolute blast!  My feet were a little bit sore after, but it was definitely worth it.

I'm almost done with my sweater I've been knitting for my mom and I've also been reading a lot of books.  I think I've finished four books in the last month.  I keep reading and reading and reading!  A lot of it has been YA lit, I admit, but very refreshing after two years of grad school!

That's about it for now... time to hang out with the hubby!

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  1. Those fish are SO cute! I want to hug one! [Which is strange, since they're fish]

    Good luck with the interviews!